You can get your loans forgiven or reduced if you are:

  • Totally disabled;
  • Working in a Public Interest job (including military, government, and non-profit);
  • Working as a Teacher; or
  • Not making enough money to pay your loans.  The Education Department has 4 terrific programs to lower your monthly payments!  Most students don't know about it!  Apply here

You can also apply to get your federal student loans forgiven (and even get reimbursed for loans you already paid) if your school:

  • Took out loans in your name without your permission or signed your name without your knowledge (application form is here);
  • Defrauded or deceived you (online application form is here);
  • Closed (and you were enrolled within 120 days of its closure) (application form is here); or
  • Wrongly enrolled you in a program you couldn’t benefit from (such as if you lacked a GED) (application form is here).

Please beware of scams.  Apply only through the U.S. Education Department.

Contact our team if you need help or have questions HERE or at