It’s also not clear why authorities are investigating the organization, though non-profit Veterans Education Success wrote a letter to federal and Georgia authorities in 2020 that accused the church of operating “like a cult” and running a sham seminary program to siphon millions of dollars of G.I. Bill benefits from soldiers and veterans. The letter also said the FBI may have been investigating potential mortgage fraud by the organization.

No seminary students ever received academic records or a completion certificate either, according to the letter from Veterans Education Success. One former member cited in the letter said they attended one of the church’s seminaries for 12 years and exhausted their education benefits.

The church also allegedly intimidates those who try to leave, with one former member telling Veterans Education Success that a fellow parishioner tried to abduct their child after discovering they planned to leave House of Prayer.

The letter also alleged that most of the church’s money was flowing into Denis’ pocket.

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