Veterans Education Success has worked to assist thousands of veterans, service members, and their families and survivors with their GI Bill or their school. Below is a sample of testimonials from veterans we have helped after they encountered fraud at their school.

I specifically asked ITT Tech before signing up whether their degree was the same as any other public 4-year university and was told YES. I found out while applying at NYPD, LAPD, Seattle PD and 23 other police departments that NONE of them accepted ITT Tech credits. Once I found out that my time and money spent at ITT Tech was worthless, I tried to transfer my credits to a community college. I was told I have to start completely over as a freshman.

– Bryan Babcock, U.S. Marine


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Veterans Education Success has helped thousands of veterans facing problems with their GI Bill or their school.  Read their testimonials and get involved!

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