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    All our help is free. The more details you provide, the easier it will be for us to figure out how best to help you.  By submitting this form, you agree that your contact information may be shared with federal and state government agencies willing to act for free on your behalf to help recoup your losses. We are Veterans helping Veterans. You can also email: [email protected]. Please know that our free help to you does not constitute the formation of an attorney-client relationship. Our lawyers may not be licensed in your home state and some of our best advisors on staff aren’t lawyers at all.


    If you feel your school lied to you or cheated you, you have rights!  Our team will help you. Contact us right away HERE or email [email protected]

    Did your school lie to you or mislead you about anything, like:

    • Loans: They took out student loans in your name without your permission? Or they gave you a “refund” that turned out to be loans?
    • Tuition: They promised the GI Bill would cover everything, and then it didn’t?  Or they promised a “veteran discount” but didn’t deliver? Hidden fees?
    • Ads: Did you see an advertisement for the school that made the school sound better than it really is?
    • Your program: Did they change the number of credits you need after you’d started? Did they enroll you in a different program than what you’d asked for?
    • Accreditation: Did they promise the accreditation was the same as any other school, but it isn’t?
    • Credit Transfer: Did they promise your credits could transfer to another school, but they don’t? Did they promise credit for your military experience, but they didn’t deliver?
    • Jobs: Did they make promises about your likely job and salary success? Did they promise you could work in a specific job but you can’t get the license? Did they promise career help that doesn’t exist?
    • Was the quality of the education, teachers, materials, classrooms not what you were promised? Are you unable to use the degree?

    You have rights!  It is illegal for schools to do these things.  We offer free help.


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