We advocate for military-connected students by pressing federal agencies to do the right thing.

Veterans Affairs

Defense Department

Education Department

Consumer Financial Protection Agencies

Federal Trade Commission


Below are some key federal agency rules for colleges – some of which we helped design.


to Protect Students and Taxpayers

Veterans Education Success advocates for military-connected students before all federal agencies. Some examples of our work with other agencies are listed here:

Most of VES’ work with law enforcement agencies like the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is confidential. Here is what’s public:

Our Letters to FTC

FTC’s Crackdown on Fake Military Websites

VES brought to FTC’s attention fake military websites that pretended to be a place where Americans could join the Armed Forces, but never gave the information to the Armed Forces, instead selling patriotic Americans’ personal information to bad actor colleges that bombarded them with deceptive and aggressive recruiting. Some of the websites even wrongly promoted certain bad actor colleges as endorsed by the military.

FTC’s Crackdown on “Military Friendly Schools”

VES brought to FTC’s attention the problem of a company’s “Military Friendly Schools” scheme, wherein it charged schools for the designation of “Military Friendly Schools” and also sent aggressive and deceptive e-mail solicitations to service-members and veterans on behalf of schools that paid.

VES works to make sure the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is doing its job and protecting the military community from fraud, including strong enforcement of the Military Lending Act.

Our Letters to CFPB