We offer free advice about student loans.

If your loans are too high, our team offers free advice.  We can try to help you get your loans lowered.  The Education Department has 4 programs to lower your monthly payments.  Read more about it on this blog.

We can also help you get your loans reduced or forgiven if you are:

Anyone – regardless of your status – can also apply to get your federal student loans forgiven (and even get reimbursed for loans you already paid) if your school:

  • Took out loans in your name without your permission or signed your name without your knowledge (application form is here);
  • Defrauded or deceived you (online application form is here);
  • Closed (and you were enrolled within 120 days of its closure) (application form is here); or
  • Wrongly enrolled you in a program you couldn’t benefit from (such as if you lacked a GED) (application form is here).

Our team can help you with these rights.  Also, if you get your loans forgiven or cancelled, the IRS will not consider that taxable income, so no taxes on it.

Active duty?  You have extra rights!

Please beware of scams.  Apply only through the U.S. Education Department.  We can help you (for free) with the paperwork.

More Helpful Tips for Student Loan Borrowers here.

And if you have an urgent need for financial assistance, VFW may be able to help with their emergency grants.


    All our help is free. The more details you provide, the easier it will be for us to figure out how best to help you.  By submitting this form, you agree that your contact information may be shared with federal and state government agencies willing to act for free on your behalf to help recoup your losses. We are Veterans helping Veterans. You can also email: [email protected]. Please know that our free help to you does not constitute the formation of an attorney-client relationship. Our lawyers may not be licensed in your home state and some of our best advisors on staff aren’t lawyers at all.