We work on a bipartisan basis to ensure military-connected students have access to high quality education and career opportunities.


Learn more about the key policy issues. Read our reports and advocacy letters.

A good quality education is important for student success.

Students have rights and colleges must be held to a higher standard.

We protect the integrity and promise of key programs like the GI Bill, Tuition Assistance, Voc Rehab.

Student Loan Debt

We work on policy to alleviate student loan debt.

Disabled Veterans’ Loan Rights

We had a major win for disabled veterans’ right to student loan forgiveness. Still more to do!

Loan Relief for Defrauded Students

We fight for defrauded veterans to get their student loans forgiven.

Integrity and Quality Standards by Colleges

Colleges should abide by basic integrity rules and meet minimum quality standards.

Accreditation and Accreditors

We push for high quality standards by accreditors and we expose lax accreditors.

90/10 Loophole

We can stop college fraud against veterans by closing this loophole.

VA’s Obligation to Stop Deceptive Colleges

We push VA to stop colleges’ deceptive recruiting.

School Closures

We work to ensure veterans get their GI Bill back if their school closes.

GI Bill Delays

We work to ensure the GI Bill arrives on time and delays are fixed.

VA Ethics Rules

When VA wanted to waive federal ethics rules, we stopped it.

Specific Schools

Learn here about VA actions against schools.

DOD Tuition Assistance

Servicemembers deserve high-quality education for their Tuition Assistance.

Consumer Protection

We fight for military families’ consumer rights.

Deceptive Websites & College Advertising

We find and stop deceptive websites and college ads.

Illegal Fraud

Our legal team finds and stops fraud.


See how we are working to advance higher education success, protecting the integrity and promise of the GI Bill.

Our Advocacy Letters

  • We collaborate with our veteran & military allies to maximize our collective advocacy impact.  We frequently submit formal letters, with policy recommendations, to federal agencies and Congress.
  • We work with Congressional Committees and Members to introduce bills, hold hearings, and urge the executive branch to protect military-connected students.

Our Work with the Executive Branch

  • We work with federal agencies to ensure military-connected students’ hard-earned education benefits are successful and effective.

Our Work with the States

  • An emerging area of our work is helping state policymakers better understand and address the need to improve college quality and accountability.

Congressional Roundtable: From GI Bill Student to U.S. Representative

In 2020 we hosted a roundtable discussion featuring Members of Congress who used federal education benefit programs like the GI Bill to support their journey through higher education. Learn what they said about their experience and more. 

Highlights from the Congressional Roundtable