Veterans Education Success works with key stakeholders to advocate on behalf of military-connected students to ensure they have access to high quality education, leading to viable career opportunities. We advocate for better college quality and student outcomes; strong accountability measures to ensure colleges provide a robust return on investment; student protections; and for the integrity and success of key federal programs that support military-connected students, such as the GI Bill, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Defense Department Tuition Assistance.


Policy issues of Veterans Education Success

Veterans Education Success works to improve post-secondary quality and student outcomes to ensure military-connected students enjoy a solid education leading to a successful civilian career. You will find research reports and coalition letters related to college quality and student outcomes.

Veterans Education Success seeks to ensure students have adequate protections and rights and also believes bad actor colleges should be held accountable if they’ve trampled on students’ rights.  You will find research reports and coalition letters related to student protections and college accountability.

Vterans Education Success works to protect the GI Bill and other federal education benefits.


  • We collaborate with our veteran & military allies to maximize our collective advocacy impact.  We frequently submit formal letters, with policy recommendations, to federal agencies and Congress.

  • We work with Congressional Committees and Members to introduce bills, hold hearings, and urge the executive branch to protect military-connected students.

  • We work with federal agencies to ensure military-connected students’ hard-earned education benefits are successful and effective.

  • An emerging area of our work is helping state policymakers better understand and address the need to improve college quality and accountability.


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