From late-night comedy TV to documentaries and Senate floor speeches, check out video coverage of the challenges student veterans face.

Webinar on Accessing Public Service Loan Forgiveness with the Student Borrower Protection Center

VES is proud of our legal director Jennifer Esparza and attorney Anna Boadwee for explaining veterans’ rights to Public Service Loan Forgiveness during this webinar with the Student Borrower Protection Center.

Testimony urging the DOE to Help Veterans Cheated out of their GI Bill

VES is proud of our Law Fellow Jennifer Esparza, who spoke forcefully today to the Department of Education about her experience working on the front lines of serving defrauded student veterans who have been cheated out of their GI Bill.

Call to Action: Protect Veterans from Predatory Schools

Student veterans speak out.

PSA: Urging President Trump to Sign Congressional Resolution Protecting Defrauded Student Veterans

More than 30 of the nation’s leading military and veteran service organizations urged President Trump to sign the bipartisan House Joint Resolution 76 which would have protected veterans and military-connected students defrauded out of their #GIBill and tricked into signing student loans. President Trump vetoed the measure (his first domestic veto). #GIBillRights #VetsEdSuccess

Travis Craig (U.S. Army) Talks with Representative Mark Takano (D-CA)

Travis Craig attended ITT Tech and was mislead by their admissions office to sign-up for a student loan. Travis recounted his story with Rep. Takano so he and other lawmakers learn what’s needed to change the law and protect veterans. #GIBillRights #VetsEdSuccess

VA | Tips to “Know Before Your Enroll”

Like any military mission, transitioning to civilian life takes preparation, research, planning, and the right tools. One of the most powerful tools you have is the GI Bill®, and it’s important to know how to use it.

HBO Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas

Comedian Wyatt Cenac exposes for-profit colleges’ targeting veterans with deceptive and aggressive recruiting to get their GI Bill.

PBS Newshour | Are for-profit universities taking advantage of veterans?

Since 2009, the G.I. Bill has paid up to $21,000 a year of college tuition for those who served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Much of that money, though, goes to for-profit schools, which award degrees some employers don’t recognize. (More)

Tasha Featured Sharing Her Story as a Student Veteran

Tasha Berkhalter traveled to Washington D.C. on behalf of Veterans Education Success to share her story and her mission to get veterans education that they need at no cost. She was featured by her local news station!

Michelle | Veterans Voices

How important is mentorship to military-connected students? Michelle (U.S. Navy veteran) explains how and why mentoring is critical to success in higher education.

Andi | Veteran Voices

What should you do if you’re attending a school that suddenly closes? Andi, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, shares his experience attending Argosy University and critical advice to current and future military-connected students in higher education.

The Daily Show | Fraudulent For-Profit Schools Make a Comeback Under Betsy DeVos

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah excoriates US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for protecting for-profit colleges from fraud investigations.

On Target | University of Phoenix Part 1

Ali Velshi looks at for-profit schools like University of Phoenix and growing scrutiny for an industry that takes hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars but often fails to provide the education to veterans that is promised.

On Target | University of Phoenix Show Part 2

Ali Velshi looks at for-profit schools like University of Phoenix and growing scrutiny for an industry that takes hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars but often fails to provide the education to veterans that is promised.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Student Debt

John Oliver discusses student debt, which is awful, as well as for-profit colleges, who are awfully good at inflicting debt upon us.

Lumina Podcast: Time to recognize lessons learned in the military

Veterans Education Success and the Lumina Foundation join the podcast to discuss improving higher education to help the 1.3 million active-duty service members and the 200,000 transitioning veterans.

Lumina Podcast: Supporting Veterans and the GI Bill

The GI Bill provides education, housing, and other supports to veterans, but not everyone benefits equally.  On this Veterans Day show, we talk with veterans, historians, and advocates focused on improving education opportunities for those who have served.

May 15, 2019 Joint Military Lending Act Press Conference

Representatives from Veterans Education Success, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, the American Legion, Military Officer Association of America, and the National Military Family Association announced their support for increasing protections for service members and their loved ones from predatory lenders.

Capitol Hill Day Press Conference on HEA

Over thirty veterans defrauded by predatory schools joined by National Veteran and Military Service Organizations are demanding Congress protect veterans and improve #highered outcomes. #VetsEdSuccess #DefendTheGIBill #Vet4HEA

How Higher Education Can Close the Credentialing Gap for Student Veterans

Featuring panelists from the University of Texas (UT) at Austin, UT – San Antonio, the University of Chicago, and Veterans Education Success, leading experts discussed the challenges faced by higher education professionals as they navigate the acceptance and application of military learning to program requirements, highlighted an example of a public-private partnership that recognizes military learning, and discussed policy ideas to support military learners and student veterans. #VetsEdSuccess #GIBillRights

Improving Educational Opportunities for Service Members, Veterans and Their Families

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama speak at Fort Stewart about a new executive order that will help ensure all of America’s service members, veterans, spouses, and other family members have the information they need to make informed educational decisions and are protected from aggressive and deceptive targeting by educational institutions. April 27, 2012.

GAO | For-Profit Colleges Encouraged Fraud and Engaged in Deceptive Practices

Selected video clips from GAO’s undercover applications at for-profit colleges across the United States. Clips show examples of fraudulent, deceptive, and questionable marketing practices used by admissions and financial aid personnel, as well as examples of helpful advice given.

Senate Floor Speech on For-Profit Colleges and Universities

Statement by Senator Tom Harkin On the Targeting of Veterans and Active-Duty Members of the Military By For-Profit Colleges and Universities.