The “Principles of Excellence” for colleges serving veterans, service members, and their families were created as a way to ensure military-connected students were receiving the highest quality education in return for their hard-earned benefits. Veterans Education Success received multiple awards from veterans & military organizations for our leading role in 2012 working with veterans & military leaders, Congress, and Executive Branch officials to design the “Principles of Excellence” Executive Order (13607) for colleges serving student veterans.  These Principles are now embedded at VA and other federal agencies, and we work to ensure their continued implementation.

There are some bad actors out there. They’ll say you don’t have to pay a dime for your degree but, once you register, they’ll suddenly make you sign up for a high interest student loan. They’ll say that if you transfer schools, you can transfer credits. But when you try to actually do that, you suddenly find out that you can’t. They’ll say they’ve got a job placement program when, in fact, they don’t. They’re trying to swindle and hoodwink you. They don’t care about you; they care about the cash.” – President Obama, April 27, 2012