Learn about your rights, options, and ways to fight back.


A new federal law enacted in 2017 (which VES proposed and fought for!) gives GI Bill students some of their GI Bill back if their school closed:

You can get 100% of your GI Bill benefits restored if:

  • your school closed between January 1, 2015 and August 16, 2017;
  • you were enrolled when the school closed or within 120 days of the school’s closure; AND
  • you did not transfer to a new school, or, if you did transfer, you didn’t transfer to a “comparable” program.

You can get one semester/term of your GI Bill benefits restored if:

  • Your school closed after Aug. 16, 2017;
  • VA finds that you were unable to complete the program of study due to the school closing (or if VA disapproved the school but it didn’t close); AND
  • You did not receive credit or lost training time toward the completion of the program of education.

Apply here: Fill out this form: Education Benefit Entitlement Restoration Request Due to School Closure or Withdrawal form.  Submit this form online though the “Submit a Question” button on the GI Bill website or via mail to:

Muskogee Regional Processing Office
P.O.Box 8888
Muskogee, OK 74402-8888

Our free lawyers can help you figure out if you qualify, and help you with the paperwork:help@vetsedsuccess.org


Get your student loans forgiven/discharged:

The US Education Department will forgive federal student loans after a school closes if:

  • You were enrolled when your school closed, or within 120 days before it closed, or you were on an approved leave of absence when your school closed; AND
  • You didn’t transfer credits to a comparable program.

Apply here: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/sites/default/files/closed-school-loan-discharge-form.pdf

Our free lawyers can help you figure out if you qualify and fill out the paperwork: help@veteranseducationsuccess.orgAdditional help and advice is available at NextStepsEd.Org, a nonprofit effort in conjunction with the US Education Department.

Get Your Loan Payments Lowered:

Even if you don’t qualify for a closed school discharge, there are several federal programs to lower your monthly payments. Free help is available at help@vetsedsuccess.org


You Can Also Get Your Pell Grants Reinstated

No matter how long ago you attended a closed school, your eligibility for Pell Grants should be reinstated under a rule U.S. Education Department announced in 2016. You can call U.S. Ed Dept (days, nights, wknds) at 1-800-4FED-AID for assistance with this.


Anyone impacted by a school closure should carefully choose a new school. Learn more HERE.


You Can Get Some Money Back in Some States

21 states have money available to reimburse students in certain situations. You can find more information about State Tuition Recovery Funds HERE.


Financial Grants

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) provides resources and programs that may also be helpful through their Emergency Grant Program which provides funding on a case-by-case basis to assist eligible student veterans. The VFW Unmet Needs Program offers up to $1,500 in financial assistance to student veterans experiencing unexpected financial difficulties. Click here for more details.


If the loss of GI Bill benefits payments has left you in a situation where you may be facing homelessness, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans is standing by to help. Connect with resources by clicking here, calling 1-800-VET-HELP, or sending an email to info@nchv.org.

VA’s Office of Homeless Veterans is also a resource if you are at-risk of homelessness. They offer counseling support with access to housing solutions, healthcare, and community services. Visit here to learn more and call 1-877-4AIDVET (available 24/7) to speak with a representative.