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The Untold Story of Warren Seavey and His Students

At the close of World War II, a renegade professor admitted a wave of returning veterans to Harvard Law, even though some had questionable credentials and others didn’t even apply. They’d be called “the best class there ever was.

The Hidden Loophole: How Predatory Offshore Medical Schools are Partnering with U.S. Universities to Access Federal Student Aid Funds

For-profit, offshore Caribbean medical schools that are not eligible to participate in Federal Student Aid’s Direct Loan Program are taking advantage of a regulatory loophole to obtain Title IV, Higher Education Act (HEA) funds. In this report, we discuss how these predatory, offshore medical schools, partnering with American schools, are taking advantage of students to syphon Title IV funds, and call on the U.S. Department of Education to implement policies to address the regulatory loophole and protect students and preserve the integrity of the Title IV program.

Can Information and Advising Affect Postsecondary Participation and Attainment for Non-Traditional Students?

Lack of information and advising prior to college matriculation may contribute to poor postsecondary outcomes among non-traditional students. We conducted a large-scale, multi-arm field experiment with the U.S. Army to investigate whether a package of research-based personalized information and access to advising affects postsecondary choices and attainment among a large non-traditional adult population. We find no impact of the intervention on whether veterans enroll in college, on the quality of their college enrollment, or on their persistence in college. Our results suggest that influencing non-traditional populations’ educational decisions and outcomes will require substantially more intensive programs.

U.S. Department of Education Renews Contracts with Troubled For-Profit Colleges

A new Student Defense analysis reveals that the U.S. Department of Education - through both decisions and inaction - continues to allow predatory institutions to scam students and taxpayers with impunity and without rebuke. This analysis comes nearly two years after Student Defense called on the Biden Administration to use civil law enforcement authorities to better protect student loan borrowers.

Bipartisan Policy Center: Which Colleges Are Worth the Cost?

While the federal government distributes nearly $150 billion in higher education student aid annually, regulations that hypothetically prevent low-quality institutions from benefiting from this aid rarely function as intended. Researchers have made progress in measuring [...]

How does virtual learning impact students in higher education?

In 2020, the pandemic pushed millions of college students around the world into virtual learning. As the new academic year begins, many colleges in the U.S. are poised to bring students back to campus, but a large amount of uncertainty remains. Some institutions will undoubtedly continue to offer online or hybrid classes, even as in-person instruction resumes. At the same time, low vaccination rates, new coronavirus variants, and travel restrictions for international students may mean a return to fully online instruction for some U.S. students and many more around the world.

The Forgotten Faces of Student Loan Default

The Center for American Progress analyzed Education Department surveys which followed students from 2003 when they enrolled in postsecondary education through 2015. The report highlights five groups of students with disproportionate student loan debt burdens [...]

Federal Trade Commission Nominations

Student Veterans of America Letter to U.S. Senate Commerce Committee re: Federal Trade Commission Nominations https://vetsedsuccess.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/SVA-letter-FTC-nomination.pdf

National Guard Association Implementing New Changes

National Guard Association of the United States Resolutions to close the 90/10 loophole, require schools to disclose credit transfer and other policies, and reinstate GI Bill for veterans at closed schools https://vetsedsuccess.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/NGAUS-Resolutions-2017.pdf

Veterans in Class Actions Lawsuits

The Military Coalition’s letter to Congressional leadership requesting veteran access to class action lawsuits against predatory lenders.

Center for American Progress: ACICS Must Go

Getting students to apply to and enroll in college can require a lot of creativity at an institution without any brand recognition. Even so, FastTrain College’s recruiting tactics took the idea of an exotic approach [...]

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