The Defense Department put the University of Phoenix on probation, prohibited from enrolling military students, following several law enforcement actions and news exposes that University of Phoenix was circumventing Defense Department rules.

Below is the Defense Department’s letter to the University of Phoenix, notifying it of the suspension.  It includes:

“This review revealed several violations of the DoD MOU attributed to the University of Phoenix, including, but not limited to, transgression of Defense Department policies regarding use of its official seals or other trademark insignia and failure to go through the responsible education advisor for each business related activity requiring access to the DoD installations identified in the aforementioned article (i.e., Navy Operational Support Center, Fort Worth, TX; Fort Bragg, NC; Fort Carson, CO; Fort Hood, TX; and Fort Campbell, KY). Although the University of Phoenix has responded to these infractions with appropriate corrective action at this time, the frequency and scope of these previous violations of the DoD MOU is disconcerting. Now it has come to our attention that the University of Phoenix is under review by both the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the California State Attorney General.”