“We can celebrate today as the day that the loophole was finally closed,” said Barmak Nassirian, vice president of higher education policy for Veterans Education Success, which helped lead the effort to rally public support for the change. “This issue has gone through a very long gestation of 30 years, literally, and better than 10 years of effort to actively highlight the perverse consequences and the adverse impact it was having on vets who were being robbed of their GI benefits.”

Nassirian, who was on the committee that negotiated the new 90-10 rules, said the regulations released Thursday mirrored what the committee reached consensus on.

Veterans Education Success joined with more than 50 other organizations to push for closing the loophole.

“After years of harassment by deceptive and aggressive for-profit college recruiters, veterans, service members, and their families will no longer be viewed as nothing more than dollar signs in uniform,” Veterans Education Success president Carrie Wofford said in a statement.

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