“Veterans Education Success, a nonpartisan veteran advocacy group, sent a letter to Biden last week urging him to take steps to expand GI Bill protections, including reclaiming the lost domain GIBill.com, which has in the past been used by the for-profit education industry to deceive veterans.

‘It’s very risky to have GIBill.com not owned by VA,’ said Carrie Wofford, president of Veterans Education Success. ‘The whole reason that law enforcement shut down GIBill.com in 2012 and forced the private owner to give the domain to VA is because it was wildly abusing and deceiving veterans. That is likely to happen again.’

Veterans Education Success, through a domain broker, offered up to $5,000 to buy the domain to get it out of the wild and return it to the VA, but the anonymous owner turned it down.”

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