Just to tell you a little bit about our organization it is Veterans Education Success. As you said, we are a nonprofit organization that works on a bipartisan basis to protect the integrity and promise of the GI Bill. You know, we do research and we advocate to improve the quality of education for veterans. But we also provide free legal services to veterans and military connected students who have questions about their education benefits. So leading up to this, we had heard from, I think as of 2020 when we did our last report, we had heard from, I think, almost 500 students about their their experience at ITT and the complaints they had. And it’s consistent with what the Department of Education found when they made the decision to cancel those student loans, which is the school had engaged in widespread misrepresentations about the the likelihood of the students to be able to get a job in their field. When I graduated, about how much money they’d be able to make in their job, they also misled students about the ability to transfer transfer their credit when they came in, you know, for the student veterans who enrolled in. What really mattered to them was being able to get a job. And ITT preyed on that and misled them about their opportunities once they graduated.

It has been a tremendous stressor on these students and these student veterans. But, you know, it is it is terrific that the that the decision has been made to cancel their federal student loan. This will be a great benefit to many of the students, and it is what they deserve. But the real story here is that for the student veterans who also were defrauded, they’re not going to be able to get their GI Bill benefits back because of the law. The law does not allow the students to get their GI Bill benefits back in the instances of fraud like that. And so what what really needs to happen is Congress needs to change that law so that veterans who have suffered the exact same fraud and deceit that is that is allowing them to get their student loans canceled, can also get their GI Bill benefits back. You know, those are hard earned and they deserve those. And they’ve used them up on a school that has misled them and now they don’t have those benefits anymore. And so as they try to move on to that next phase, try to find, you know, build up their education and get a job in an area they don’t have those GI Bill benefits anymore. So I think this is an area where Congress needs to change the law so that veterans who have been defrauded can get their GI Bill benefits back.