COULD VETERANS BE BLOCKED FROM CARES ACT GRANTS? Veterans Education Success says it’s possible.

— “At issue is which students are eligible for the cash grants,” the group, which focuses on student veterans, argues in a new brief. Education Department guidance (to no shortage of controversy) has restricted stimulus-backed cash grants to students who are eligible for Title IV funds. If schools interpret that guidance to exclude students who have not filed a FAFSA, the group says “many student veterans will be left out.”

— Almost half of undergraduate veterans at two-year public colleges did not file a FAFSA in 2015-16, Veterans Education Success says, compared with 35 percent at four-year nonprofit schools, 33 percent at four-year public institutions, and only 21 percent at two- and four-year for-profit schools.

Read the full story by Politico Morning Education published May 18, 2020.