“Also not satisfied is Carrie Wofford, president of the group Veterans Education Success, which has carefully monitored abuses at and law enforcement probes of Perdoceo. After I shared the findings of McKenna’s report, Wofford said, “It’s a ridiculous conclusion, given the very credible whistleblowers who are armed with documentary evidence, hundreds of screenshots, and other materials.” She added, “The 48 states plus the District of Columbia who brought this suit need to make clear to the monitor the standards needed to protect students and that he needs to investigate more fully.

One of the recruiters has continued to provide me and VES, as recently as this week, with voluminous details and documentations of additional deceptive practices. This recruiter texted me, explaining, “Trying to make right to the best of my ability the real life damage I know I contributed to in regards to students. It doesn’t sit right with me until I do what I can to correct it.” The recruiter described Perdoceo enrolling homeless students without computers, falsifying students’ states of residency, and “making people with associate degrees take intro courses they have already taken just to make more money.” The recruiter added, “Not going to lie, broke my heart going through all those again and seeing the names of the folks whose lives are destroyed and how I was a part of it.”

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