“Wofford said the trade commission’s $191 million settlement with the University of Phoenix left the VA little choice but to enforce the law. ‘The law is clear,’ she said. ‘Colleges found to use erroneous, deceptive and misleading recruiting practices cannot receive money through the GI Bill.’”

The report also quotes veterans we have served:

“‘I wish they’d done this earlier,’ said Larry Casteel, a former Army specialist who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Casteel said he’d exhausted his entire GI Bill benefit and taken out $80,000 in student loans to obtain a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s in business administration from the private college. ‘It’s about time,’ said James Adams, a two-tour Iraq War veteran who told Reveal that he enrolled at the University of Phoenix after what he describes as a ‘pressure campaign. They kept calling and calling,’ Adams said, ‘until I finally broke down and said I’d go to the school.’ Like Adams, Casteel said he’s currently unemployed. ‘A lot of times, I don’t even put the University of Phoenix on my application because I get looked at weird,’ he said. He thought with the MBA, ‘I’d be able to do something.’”

Read the full report at Reveal here