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Contact: Carrie Wofford, President of Veterans Education Success: [email protected]

Veterans Education Success (VES) Statement on the
Cancellation of California Community Colleges’ Agreement
with For-Profit School – American Public University System (APUS)

 Sacramento, CA – Today, Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley announced the cancellation of a planned relationship between the California Community Colleges and the for-profit provider, “American Military University” (AMU). AMU, owned by a publicly-traded corporation named “American Public University System,” has no affiliation with the U.S. military, despite the provider’s misleading branding. The cancellation of this relationship will ensure that California’s postsecondary students enjoy access to only high-quality educational opportunities that lead to brighter futures and do not leave them with unmanageable debt.

Carrie Wofford, President of Veterans Education Success

“California never should have signed a contract with a predatory for-profit college that was sued by law enforcement for high-pressure enrollment tactics and failing to disclose job prospects to student veterans and military students,” said Carrie Wofford, President of Veterans Education Success. “We are pleased the Chancellor was responsive to our letter of January 14th, and we wish that more public universities would examine their relationships with for-profit colleges that defraud student veterans. We applaud Chancellor Oakley for protecting students from fraud.”

As the Massachusetts Attorney General wrote, “The school’s name and other visual images suggest it is part of the United States Armed Services, but the company in fact is not part of the U.S. Military and is not affiliated with it.”

“Online, for-profit schools that mislead veterans and military families are not welcome in Massachusetts,” said Massachusetts AG Healey, at the time of the settlement.


Statement on the Cancellation of the California Community Colleges’ Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the American Public University System (APUS)