In August 2020, Veterans Education Success, an advocacy organization based in Washington D.C., asked the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Georgia Veterans Service to investigate alleged abuses of the GI Bill program by House of Prayer Christian Church’s bible seminaries.

Veterans alleged the House of Prayer Christian Church “deceives the VA during inspections and targets veterans in order to access GI Bill funding, VA disability compensation, and VA home loans,” according to the organization’s letter to the VA and Georgia SAA.

In the Veterans Education Success’s letter to the VA and Georgia SAA in 2020, the organization cited similar solicitations.

“Soul-winning is an organized event coordinated by HOPCC’s clergy,” noted the document. “Five days a week, individuals are paired up and sent out to recruit new members on or around military bases. … Students would recruit at Post Exchanges, barracks, and on-base housing.”

The document also cites specific members’ experiences recruiting on bases in Georgia.

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