“This is huge news for countless thousands of students—many of them veterans—who were cheated by Corinthian College out of their GI Bill and loaded up with unfair student debt,” said Carrie Wofford, president of Veterans Education Success. “This company did horrible things, like telling military veterans the Pentagon was recommending Corinthian and having its recruiters sign their emails as ‘Pentagon Advisors.’ They tricked countless veterans into handing over their GI Bill and then—on top of that—loaded them up with student loans they never wanted.”

Still, while it was a victory for those who were victimized by Corinthian, Wofford said more must be done to help others who have been deceived by their institutions. “Today’s news is a crucial step forward, but thousands of other student veterans who have been scammed by for-profit schools are still awaiting action by the Education Department on their applications for Borrower Defense relief,” she said. “We also need Congress to step up to stop the fraud. There should be no more schools approved for federal student aid and GI Bill that are ripping off veterans—and taxpayers—for worthless degrees.”

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