To Our Valued Partners,

As 2023 comes to a close, we celebrate a decade of our impact and victories for veterans. Sparked by a U.S. Senate investigation in 2012 into predatory colleges, our leadership has resulted in critical new protections for veterans, an improved GI Bill, and broader higher education accountability.

We are known for our effective policy advocacy. Our senior staff are regularly relied upon by Congress and federal agencies for our deep expertise and pragmatic bipartisan solutions. Our effectiveness is reflected in our impact – 11 new laws on the books and a broad array of new federal agency regulations informed by our essential input.

Counting up our well-regarded research reports surprised even us: 89. Importantly, many of those reports inspired new laws. For example, our 2015 report “The GI Bill Pays for Degrees That Do Not Lead to a Job” quickly inspired the unanimously-passed Career Ready Student Veterans Act of 2016.

Less well-known is our legal work. Our team of lawyers has been able to provide free direct help to more than 5,000 veterans and their families. Hearing from our clients about the obstacles they face in higher education is what motivates us and informs our policy solutions. Bringing those veterans forward to share their stories with policymakers and the news media has given America a more granular feel for the critical policy changes veterans need and how those changes can improve the daily lives of veterans.

Serving those who have served has been and continues to be the privilege of a lifetime for us. We are pleased to share with you a summary of our successful efforts on behalf of our nation’s veterans and their families. We appreciate your support and collaboration.

With gratitude,

Carrie Wofford
President and Founder

Decade Report & Annual Report 2023