Our law veterans are testifying in Washington, D.C. this week about their experiences with for profit colleges that scam them out of their GI Bill benefits. The Obama administration implemented tighter regulations for these types of schools, but the Trump administration reversed them. Veterans Education Success. William Hubbard Urges Vets to Watch Out for Key Red Flags. The biggest signal that a school is somewhat dubious is if there’s any kind of pressure tactics employed. But there are many others, such as taking a look at their accreditation status, if there have been settlements or lawsuits in the past. The Biden administration is racing to meet a November 1st deadline. The U.S. is concerned a potential new administration may not prioritize this issue. And the Dallas mayor, Eric Johnson, is facing a recall effort. It’s being spearheaded by Devonte Peters, a three time city council candidate who has received more than 1000 signatures in favor of ousting Johnson. The health store owner and activist has until March 5th to get over 100.

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