The power grid failed, knocking out power to millions of Texans for days. Eric Bushman, WB AP News veterans testified on Capitol Hill this week about getting scammed out of their GI Bill benefits. Nkomo said he has a story a number of for profit colleges have been forced to close in recent years for using predatory tactics on students, leaving many with lost time, money and no degree. Veterans Education Successes. William Hubbard urges students to watch out for red flags like pressure tactics and accreditation issues. We encourage students to consider the fact that this is not something that needs to be rushed. The Biden administration is facing a November 1st deadline to reinstate Obama era like regulations that the Trump administration relaxed for for profit colleges. Nicole, OSA, WB, AP News and Kaufman County deputies say a man who went missing last week has been found dead. Family members say 40 year old Logan Jacinto disappeared after a one car crash in Dallas a week ago Tuesday. A witness told police he walked away after the crash near Highway 175, but nobody knows.

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