Just short of graduating, he received a gut wrenching email from the institute Do not return back to the school because we’re now closed. No options, no nothing. Unfortunately, Nelson story is all too common. In fact, the Obama administration implemented tighter regulations for these types of schools, but the Trump administration relaxed them. Veterans Education Successes. William Hubbard Urges Vets to Watch Out for Telltale Signs. The biggest signal that a school is somewhat dubious is if there’s any kind of pressure tactics employed. But there are many others, such as taking a look at their accreditation status, if there have been settlements or lawsuits in the past. He says students are often left holding the burden of these types of scams. A lot of these entities are structured such that those that are doing the harm or doing the scamming and the fraud get to walk away completely unscathed and the students and taxpayers are left holding the bag. In 2021, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona canceled $1 billion in student loan debt for almost 72,000 defrauded borrowers.

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