In 2020, Veterans Success Education, a nonprofit which advocates for higher education standards for military members and their families sent a letter to the Department of Veterans Affairs asking the agency to investigate what it believed was widespread fraud and abuse of the GI bill. Whistleblowers told Veterans Success Education that, the House of Prayer “is lying to VA during inspections, defrauding veterans by keeping students enrolled perpetually without providing them with marketable training, and providing them with no actual education

Della Justice, Vice President for Legal Affairs with Veterans Success Education told Court Watch that the organization was “pleased that the US Attorney has vindicated our allegations” and called on the Justice Department to seek additional avenues to recover the nearly 7 million dollars House of Prayer received from the VA. However, Ms. Justice noted that, “the underlying concern remains– why did such a shoddy school gain approval for GI Bill benefits?  Congress needs to strengthen the laws and require unaccredited programs to meet tougher requirements before they can get GI Bill benefits.”

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