“I spent one entire year in Afghanistan,” student and Army veteran Dru Macasieb told ABC 10News.

Macasieb added, “I don’t like how veterans are being treated or the stigma of this is ‘free money,’ because it’s not ‘free money’. I have buddies of mine that can’t use it because they died.”

“Students are getting penalized because of the ‘sunsetting’ of the provision that allowed veteran students the resident rate while learning online during COVID,” said CIAT President Jamie Doyle. He told ABC 10News that the college went virtual at the start of the pandemic and decided last month to stick with a virtual-only model, citing safety concerns, among other reasons. “It was a difficult decision because we knew there would be many people that wouldn’t be happy with it but we also know that sometimes you have to make difficult decisions that don’t please people because it’s the right thing to do,” he added.

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