Today we’re talking with former student veterans who testified before the US Dept. of Education in Washington DC, regarding for-profit colleges that failed to provide the useful degrees they promised, all while burning through the GI Bill funding they earned and even their private student loans.

We start with Air Force veteran Stephanie Pollay who shared her experience getting a degree from ITT Tech, the $200K debt she incurred, and the harsh reality she faced after trying to apply it to the real world.

We also hear from Navy veteran Angela McMillen, who describes how her college merged with Ashford University, and although she paid for post graduate studies intended for a PhD in Clinical Psychology Research, the school was never accredited.

Marine Corps vet Will Hubbard describes what Veteran Education Success is doing in DC to ensure proper oversight and laws to protect student veterans from for profit schools targeting military vets and other low-income students.

If you’re a veteran who was scammed by a college or online degree program, contact Veterans for Education Success

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