Kendrick Harrison, Veteran
Veteran Testimony
U.S. Education Department
October 8, 2021

Good afternoon, my name is Kendrick Harrison and I am a military veteran, entrepreneur, and a father of four. I am also a former Argosy University student. Before I decided to pursue my college degree, I was a highly decorated combat veteran. I joined the military when I was 17 years old and shipped out shortly after my 18th birthday. From there I spent a year in Korea, and then at Fort Lewis Washington where I was deployed to Iraq. Going back to college was always a dream and a goal of mine, as well as a promise to my dearly departed grandfather. Unfortunately, for me, I enrolled in Argosy, and my dream became a nightmare.

Since Argosy, my life has been in a great deal of turmoil, and a lot of financial strife. As a direct result of Argosy, my family and I were evicted and made homeless. My credit score dropped over 100 points and my car and my oldest daughter’s car was repossessed. Honestly my family and I are still to this day trying to recover from all the damage. I applied for a Borrower Defense discharge when Secretary DeVos was in office. My Borrower Defense application was strong. I had the best team with lawyers from nonprofit organizations putting together all the evidence. But DeVos rejected it flat out. She said I failed to state a legal claim or present evidence — and that was not true. Since then some of my loans were closed through a TPD discharge, but the pain from my experience still follows me and my family.

I want you to know what it’s like for student veterans. We serve our country honorably, but for-profit colleges like Argosy target veterans and they lie to us. I was courageous when I was ordered to go to war. I only ask now that our leaders in government be just as brave, and just as courageous and make sure the for-profit industry never preys on another veteran.

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