My name is Victoria Torres and I live in Miami. I always wanted to be a midwife but those dreams were ruined for me by a for-profit school called Med Academy.

When I asked the school if they had a midwifery degree program that I could go to, they told me yes and that it was in the final stages of being accredited. They said it would be best to just enroll right away since the first year would be just general courses that could be applied to any medical field. They said they’d be accredited soon anyway and they made it seem urgent for me to get started.

I ended up taking out more than $15,000 in loans to pursue their so-called midwifery program. But within the first year, I learned that Med Academy did not even sign me — and others — up for midwifery but radiology. So they lied to my face. Worse, the radiology program was much more expensive than the midwifery program they promised me they were signing me up for. Turns out the midwifery program never came into existence. Then it got even worse. None of the credits from the first year courses I took would transfer to anywhere. Not one school.

I’m now at Broward College going for my RN but I still have around $9,300 in loan debt from Med Academy’s lies. I wanted to testify today to ask you to place some restrictions and rules on schools like this, ones where they can get shut down for lying. I’m also testifying so this kind of thing doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Thank you for your time.

Download Victoria’s testimony here:

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