Good morning. I’m Zack Fenton, I’m an Army veteran, and I would like to share some details about my experience at IntelliTec College. I enrolled in an automotive program in early 2020.

I specifically shared with the admissions department that I was interested in a light diesel course that was listed in the school materials, but after enrolling I found out there was no such course. I took two classes during my time at IntelliTec. The first was a very basic class centered around how to learn in school. The second was a substantive automotive repair class.

The quality of education was greatly lacking. The teachers did not know the material well enough to teach it, and there were significant errors in the materials that were provided. The answer keys for the tests had information that contradicted the books. In those cases, we were told the books were out of date, but no one ever corrected the information in the books before we took tests, and we were not given credit for knowing the answer in the book.

I decided to withdraw pretty quickly after that, and when I told the school, I was threatened with additional fees. I was shocked that it cost $10,000.00 for basically one substantive class that was not good.

I am here today to ask you to consider student experiences like mine while you consider new rules, and to make sure that schools must provide some educational value and keep the promises they make to students. Thank you for your time.

Student Veteran Submission- Zack Fenton