“I have a so-called degree from ITT Tech and found that most employers laugh at it. During my time there I had accrued a fair amount of debt from this fraudulent school and am having issues staying above water with the interest payments they require. The school representatives were not very clear on what debt or what money was going where. At the time of my schooling I was going through spinal surgery, and wanted to do something to keep my mind off of the stress and down time I had during this phase of my life. I was made aware after the fact, that there is a large amount of lawsuits still pending against ITT Tech for fraud in Indiana and other states. To me this should be an indicator as to their fraudulent behavior. Currently I am unemployed and live with my family. I was a Marine corpsman who did 2 combat tours with 1st MarDiv. I have been out of service since 2012. I am hoping I can get some help with this. I did finish school but because of some issues I still don’t have my degree. Thanks.”