We push VA to protect veterans from colleges’ deceptive recruiting. We helped bring to VA’s attention a Vietnam-era statute, 38 USC 3696, that requires VA to cut off GI Bill funding to schools that engage in deceptive recruiting, and in 2020 we strengthened that statute to cover 21st-century advertising methods and lead generator companies and by requiring VA to act within strict timelines and ensure students are protected.


Former DeVry military recruiter/whistleblower testimony

Chris Neiweem, a former DeVry military recruiter, testified before the US Senate Committee on Defense Appropriations for its hearing on the Defense Department's Voluntary Education programs. The full hearing link is here (https://www.appropriations.senate.gov/hearings/hearing-on-voluntary-military-education-programs) Chris Neiweem's [...]



We stand up for student veterans who were ripped off by predatory bad-actor schools.

Ashford University

Veterans Education Success is closely monitoring Ashford University’s attempts to maintain GI Bill access in light of Ashford’s significant consumer fraud against students and attempts to deceive VA:

American InterContinental, Colorado Tech, and Trident – owned by Perdoceo (formerly Career Ed Corporation)


Grand Canyon University

ITT Tech


University of Phoenix

Purdue Global/Kaplan

Other Schools