State Policy Advocacy Report January 2019 – April 2020

In just the last sixteen months, Veterans Education Success has worked with state legislators, higher education non-profits, and veteran/military service organizations to introduce first-in-the-nation 90/10 loophole closure bills in three states.

Testimony in Support of Maryland HB 1562

This bill would ban abusive debt collection tactics by preventing creditors from obtaining court orders to garnish wages and seize assets to repay defaulted student loans that creditors cannot prove borrowers owe, and it offers bowers tools to halt abuses when debt collectors and creditors break the law.

Veterans Education Success Letter in Support for SB 1544

"We at Veterans Education Success are writing in support of Senate Bill 1544. This bill will protect veterans and servicemembers from fraud and abuse by predatory colleges that target them with aggressive and deceptive recruiting just to get their GI Bill."

Veterans Education Success

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