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U.S. taxpayers stuck with the tab as helicopter flight schools exploit GI Bill loophole

For some flight schools that train helicopter pilots, the GI Bill that took effect in 2009 was a windfall the government never intended. Helicopter schools had been struggling financially, and the bill excluded them from direct funding. But after finding a loophole in the law that allows them to train military veterans completely at government expense, with no cap on what they can charge, the schools rapidly expanded. They now collect tens of millions a year in taxpayer dollars.

Capitol Pressroom: For-Profit College reform

"In his budget proposal, Governor Cuomo has proposed a number of new regulations on for-profit colleges and universities. We took a deep dive into the issue with Yan Cao, Century Foundation fellow; Pamela Lanich, Western [...]

Politico: Betsy DeVos’ bet on boot camps

As Americans look to build the skills they need for the fast-changing job market, a new type of education provider has swept onto the scene: the coding boot camp, an intensive, short-term training program for [...]

Military.com: How to Fight VA Debt

The Department of Veterans Affairs says you owe them money. You disagree. But how do you fight Uncle Sam when he comes for your cash? If there's one thing military members know, it's that when the Defense [...]

Inside Higher Ed: A Low Bar for Bar Passage

Nearly nine out of 10 law school graduates who sat for the bar exam within two years of graduating passed it, according to new data from the American Bar Association. But more than 10 percent of [...]

The Hill: The Real Tax on Troops

A recent blog post by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) highlights an alarming trend as recruits join today’s All-Volunteer Force. According to CFPB, during last fiscal year, 70 percent of new recruits paid into the Department [...]

Inside Higher Ed: VA Drops Plan to Nix Ethics Rule

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on Wednesday dropped a controversial plan to suspend an ethics law that prevents its employees from receiving pay or other benefits from for-profit institutions, The Associated Press reported. A recent inspector general report had [...]

Inside Higher Ed: Wis. Governor Kills For-Profit Oversight Agency

After years of attempts, Scott Walker, Wisconsin's Republican governor, has successfully eliminated the state's Education Approval Board as an independent agency tasked with overseeing for-profit colleges. Walker's partial veto last week of a budget bill accelerated the timetable [...]

Military Times: New GI Bill passes Senate

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have unanimously passed legislation to make major changes to education benefits for military veterans. Now all that’s left is for President Trump to sign it into law — and the White [...]

Politico: VA Watchers Want More GI Bill Oversight

VA WATCHERS WANT MORE GI BILL OVERSIGHT: The Veterans Affairs Department’s advisory committee on education wants the agency to improve how it oversees the Principles of Excellence program rolled out by President Barack Obama [http://1.usa.gov/1W68KlU] in [...]

Full Measure: Cash Cows: Military Colleges

November 1, 2015 — Full Measure brings you our investigation into how for-profit colleges allegedly preying on our military troops. Veterans with benefits and a desire to build a new life become targets, even given a [...]

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