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Capitol Pressroom: For-Profit College reform

"In his budget proposal, Governor Cuomo has proposed a number of new regulations on for-profit colleges and universities. We took a deep dive into the issue with Yan Cao, Century Foundation fellow; Pamela Lanich, Western [...]

Politico: Betsy DeVos’ bet on boot camps

As Americans look to build the skills they need for the fast-changing job market, a new type of education provider has swept onto the scene: the coding boot camp, an intensive, short-term training program for [...]

The Economist: For-Profit Colleges in America Relaunch Themselves as Non-Profits: Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Education Secretary, May Not Be Able To Rescue Them

GOVERNMENT funds set aside for college aid have long been a favoured target for grifters. After the second world war, veterans flush on GI Bill funds would sign up for sham television-repair courses. After receiving [...]

Inside Higher Ed: Return of the College Scorecard: Education Department Updates Higher Ed Consumer Tool, Adds New Comparison Feature

An Obama administration initiative that provided consumer information on colleges and universities has survived for another year and into the Trump administration. The Department of Education published updated information on the College Scorecard Thursday, including a new [...]

Student Loan Hero: Betsy DeVos’ Controversial Decision Could Make Kaplan University and The Art Institutes Nonprofit

Yesterday, BuzzFeed News reported Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education have cleared the way for two for-profit institutions — Kaplan University and Education Management Corp (EDMC), the parent company of Argosy University, South University, [...]

Bloomberg News: Betsy DeVos Tells CFPB to Back Off on Student Loans: The Agency Has Survived the Trump Administration So Far; Will the Education Department Be the One to Kneecap It?

When federal policymakers killed banks’ ability to make government-backed student loans, David Bergeron should have been celebrating. A career official at the U.S. Department of Education, he had favored the move for years; it would save [...]

Politico Morning Education: Restoration of Veterans Benefits for Corinthian, ITT Students Will Be Added to GI Bill Expansion Deal

THE FOR-PROFIT-COLLEGE-CHIEF-TURNED-CONGRESSMAN WHO’S FIGHTING FOR BETTER STUDENT DATA: Rep. Paul Mitchell (R-Mich.) might be new to Congress this year, but he’s no novice when it comes to the political battles over for-profit colleges that are flaring again as [...]

Harvard Law School Legal Services Center: Court Orders Department of Education to Consider Student Loan Relief Application, Calling Request for Further Delay “Frivolous and in Bad Faith”

The United States District Court for the Central District of California issued an Order today that directs the Department of Education to rule on the loan relief application of a former Corinthian student that has been pending [...]

Washington Post: Trump Administration Wants to Weaken Law Protecting Veterans From Predatory For-Profit Colleges, Senators Say

The Trump administration announced plans Monday to make it easier for permanently disabled military veterans to have their federal student debt wiped away. People with severe disabilities are eligible by law to have the government discharge their [...]

Washington Post: Justice Department is Investigating Whether a For-Profit College Company Violated Federal Financial Aid Rules

The Justice Department has launched a probe into whether Bridegepoint Education, the owner of Ashford University and the University of the Rockies, is violating a law that prohibits for-profit colleges from getting more than 90 percent [...]

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