When schools close, students can lose out on the tuition and time they invested.  If your school closes, get free help from our team: [email protected].  We’ve been leading the effort to push Congress to restore GI Bill benefits lost when a school closes.  In 2017, in the Harry Colmery Forever GI Bill – thanks in part to our friends at VFW, who spoke up for us at a key moment in negotiations – we got full GI Bill restoration for students during a few years window of time, covering when ITT and Corinthian closed, but only one semester restoration for most students.  In 2020 and 2021, Congress worked with us to give full GI Bill restoration to all students. We are grateful to the Congressional Veterans Affairs Committee for working with us to fix this.

What should you do if your school closes?

  • Click here to learn your rights.
  • Click here to find VA’s procedures.
  • Click here to read the rules at the Education Dept for getting your student loans forgiven when your school closes.
  • Get free help from our staff to figure out your rights and options:  [email protected]
  • Watch this video of Andi, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, on his experience attending Argosy University when it closed and his advice.