We fight for defrauded veterans to get their student loans forgiven by the Education Department and their Pell Grants restored. Our Research Director Walter Ochinko was an official negotiator representing veteran and military students on the 2018 negotiated rulemaking panel on Borrower Defense, just as he was in 2016. (We also pursue defrauded veterans’ legal rights here.)


We are proud of our Law Fellow Jennifer Esparza, who spoke forcefully to the Department of Education about her experience working on the front lines of serving defrauded student veterans who have been cheated out of their GI Bill.

Capitol Hill Press Conference

We joined Senators on Capitol Hill in urging common sense borrower defense rules that protect defrauded student veterans, and in criticizing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ unfair rules that penalized defrauded veterans.

Our TV Ad

More than 30 of the nation’s leading military and veteran service organizations put up a TV Ad on Fox News urging President Trump to stand with veterans who were defrauded out of their GI Bill and tricked into signing student loans.


2021 Education Department Hearings

Veterans’ Testimony at Negotiated Rulemaking

We encouraged veterans to share their experiences with fraudulent colleges at the Education Department’s public testimony sessions in October, November, and December for its negotiated rulemaking sessions.

October Hearing

We encouraged individual veterans at the Education Department’s public hearings to testify about appropriately implementing the 90/10 loophole closure.

June Hearings

We encouraged individual veterans as well as veterans leaders to testify at the Education Department’s public hearings in 2021 about borrower defense and other key accountability and quality issues in higher education.

2017 Education Department Hearings

We mobilized veterans and military service organizations to speak out at U.S. Education Department public hearings:

October 2017

September 2017

July 2017