VES advocates for military-connected students before the Education Department

Disabled veterans’ right to student loan forgiveness

VES has been pushing the US Education Department to honor disabled veterans’ legal right to student loan forgiveness.

Students’ Rights to Loan Relief if They Were Defrauded by a School

VES fights for defrauded veterans to get their student loans forgiven by the Education Department, and their Pell Grants restored.

Integrity and Quality Standards by Colleges

VES fights for rules requiring colleges to abide by basic integrity rules and meet minimum quality standards.

Accreditation and Accreditors

VES pushes for high quality standards by accreditors and exposes lax accreditors.

90/10 Loophole

Military connected students are targeted by aggressive and deceptive college recruiting because of a loophole in federal law.


Veteran Panel Nominations

Veteran and military organizations nominate representatives to the Department of Education panels for Borrower Defense to Repayment and Gainful Employment.

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TICAS Updated Gainful Employment Rule Fact Sheet (August 2019)

The Institute for College Access and Success published an updated "What to Know About the Gainful Employment Rule,"which worked to improve quality, lower costs, and save taxpayer money. The Trump Administration rescinded the rule on July 1, 2019, and immediately allowed schools to stop complying.

Washington Denies Ashford University’s Application to Recruit, Advertise, or Offer Field Placements to Students

On May 3, 2019, the Washington Student Achievement Council notified Ashford University that it is not permitted to engage in any actions that constitute "operating" in Washington, as defined in the state's Degree-Granting Institutions Act. Ashford may not engage in targeted advertising, promoting, publicizing, soliciting, or recruiting for the institution. [...]

American Heroes Network: Veterans Education Success’ Mike Saunders explains severely disabled veterans’ right to student loan forgiveness

As the Director of Military and Consumer Policy, Mike leads Veteran Education Success’ consumer protection policy work, including servicemembers’ protections under the Military Lending Act and Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. Mike joined VES as Legal Advocacy Director in July 2018, bringing professional experience as a long-time policy advocate for veterans [...]

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