Veterans Education Success publishes non-partisan research on student outcomes and higher education policy issues


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GI Bill & Military Education Benefits


Short fact sheets on key issues.

The Borrower Defense Rule and Its Importance to Veterans

The Borrower Defense Rule gives the Education Department the authority to forgive federal student loans for students that prove their debt was incurred because they were defrauded by a school. It has been in place for over two decades. The Rule was clarified in late 2016 in the wake of the [...]

The Gainful Employment Rule and Its Importance to U.S. Veterans

The Gainful Employment Rule, finalized in 2014 and upheld by federal courts multiple times, implements the requirement in the Higher Education Act that career education programs (whether for-profit, public, or non-profit) must “prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation." The rule applies to specific programs within a school, but [...]

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Veterans Education Success prepares legal analysis and trends in veteran student complaints.

Harvard Law School Report: Veteran and Servicemember Complaints about Misconduct and Illegal Practices at Kaplan Schools

In 2017, Veterans Education Success contracted with Harvard Law School's Project on Predatory Lending to analyze  complaints against Kaplan brought to Veterans Education Success by student veterans. For-profit schools have garnered significant attention for their illegal practices and their unfair, deceptive, and misleading conduct. In particular, there is serious concern [...]

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Research and reports from other sources.


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Policy issues of Veterans Education Success

Veterans Education Success works to improve post-secondary quality and student outcomes to ensure military-connected students enjoy a solid education leading to a successful civilian career. You will find research reports and coalition letters related to college quality and student outcomes.

Veterans Education Success seeks to ensure students have adequate protections and rights and also believes bad actor colleges should be held accountable if they’ve trampled on students’ rights.  You will find research reports and coalition letters related to student protections and college accountability.

Vterans Education Success works to protect the GI Bill and other federal education benefits.